Monnayeur CASHMAG F46

Cashmag F46 cash recycler

Simplify your daily life with the compact and reinforced cash recycler

Monnayeur Cashmag F46
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Cash recycler F46

Compact and powerful

Additionally, the F46 is designed to be robust and secure, with steel construction, multiple locks, and an anti-forcing system.

It also includes an intelligent coin return system that helps to limit errors and optimize change giving.

Compatible and Shareable Across Multiple Registers

One of the key features of the CashMag series is its compatibility with most Windows-based cash register software, which allows for easy integration and sharing between several cash registers.

The F46 can be directly connected to the software via a patented CashMag interface, without the need for additional development. Overall, the CASHMAG F46 cash recycler appears to be a convenient and efficient solution for businesses looking to simplify their cash management processes.

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cashmag connect

CASHMAG recyclers are compatible with most cashing softwares thanks to our universal interface. The software interface is places between CASHMAG cash recyclers and any standard cashing system run on Windows™. It acts as a universal translator and enables instant connection without any specific development.

Features of the F46

Security 4 locks (1 for the doors and 3 for the cashboxes)
Closing with AntiForcing system
Control Detects fake banknotes and coins and foreign bodies
Installation Easy installation and integration to line of sale
Can be shared between several register
Compatibility All POS softwares
Windows: Without development and immediately
Android, Linux, iOS : : Thanks to our API to be integrated
(H) 578 x (W) 325 x (T) 436 mm
Weight ≈ 50 kg
Bank Note Module 4 recyclable amounts (€5, 10, 20, 50)
2 x 60 banknotes and 2 x 30 banknotes
Dispenses 15 banknotes at a time
Cashbox for 600 banknotes
Coin Module Hoppers capacity up to 430 coins. 6 denominations €0.05 to €2
Storage capacity up to 1200 coins
Insertion and distribution coin by coin
Insert 2 coins per second, 6 coins per second dispensed
Origin French design and manufacture