Monnayeur CASHMAG Desktop

CASHMAG automatic Desktop recycler

The cash recycler to lay!

CASHMAG’s power on your counter

Monnayeur de caisse automatique CASHMAG DESKTOP

DESKTOP cashier recycler

Maximum power in minimum space

Directly laid on your counter, it will deal with your cashing from the very first second within installation. 31 cm high, 50 cm wide and 57 cm deep. These are the dimensions of the compact CASHMAG cast recycler ! They make the DESKTOP recycler one of the smallest products on the market with 2 cm less than competition on all aspects (height/depth/width).

Since 2018, CashMag has been the leader and expert in 3D-printed cash recyclers. This allows us to offer a quality sturdy device with all evolution prospects that go with this design process. We control and make our recyclers in our offices, located in Toulon, France.

Compact yet ultra secured

CASHMAG makes innovation and technique meet security. The DESKTOP cash recycler is equipped with no less than 6 security key locks, otherwise 3 per module. Your cash is thus completely safe inside the recycler.

The CASHMAG DESKTOP recycler also features several innovative processes. For instance, the locks are doubled with an anti-tampering system so your cash is always safe, even in the event of a robbery attempt.

Automation of your Cash Management always available

In all businesses, cash management is an inevitable ordeal. Preparing, verifying and counting cash funds at every new shift, day after day. This routine most businesses know is no longer mandatory with the new DESKTOP cash recycler. It takes care of everything!

The DESKTOP ensures your cash management for you and removes human errors and unknown shrinkage. Thanks to a algorithm specifically assigned to change back, you can last several days or even weeks without refilling the device. Don’t fear failures anymore. With our team dedicated to research and development, we have implemented failure management processes which allow to continue cashing without jamming your register!

caisse automatique CASHMAG DESKTOP

caisse automatique CASHMAG DESKTOP ouvert

Cash recyclers compatible with all businesses

With the CASHMAG DESKTOP cash recycler as well as with all CASHMAG recyclers, you don’t have to worry about compatibility with your current cashing system. We have developed an interface for all cashing softwares run on Windows, no matter which your type of business is.

Pharmacy, retail shops, bakery, pastry shop, chocolate shop, hair salon, florist, grocery store… Our cash recyclers have been designed to be most compatible with everyday life sectors with the best possible integration within your sales area.

Currencies compatible with our cash reclycler

cashmag connect

CASHMAG recyclers are compatible with most cashing softwares thanks to our universal interface. The software interface is places between CASHMAG cash recyclers and any standard cashing system run on Windows™. It acts as a universal translator and enables instant connection without any specific development.

Features of the DESKTOP Cash Recycler

Security 6 locks (3 for notes and 3 for coins)
Control Detects fake banknotes and coins and foreign bodies
Installation Cash recycler ready to install !
Compatibility All POS softwares
Windows : Without development and immediately
Android, Linux, iOS : thanks to our API to integrate
(H) 280 x (W) 500 x (D) 570 mm
Weight 45 Kg
Bank note module 2 recyclable amounts (€5 & €10 or €10 & €20)
2 x 60 banknotes
Banknotes dispensed individually
Cashbox for 400 banknotes
Coin module Storage and recycler capacity for 4000 coins
Up to 50 coins accepted or dispensed per transaction
Insert 10 coins per second, 6 coins per second dispensed
Origin French design and manufacture
Option Customizable color of the chassis