Cash recycler technical failures

Unique & exclusive features in the event of technical failure

Like any other type of equipment, a cash recycler can suffer technical failure. Failures are usually minor, but they cause stress to both staff and management as they jam customer cashing, since the cash register depends on the cash recycler.

One must be reminded that cash recyclers receive used coins and notes as their function is to store and return them, as fast as possible, after counterfeit detection. For instance, your copy machine might get jammed while using only brand new paper. One might concede that a cash recycler’s job is much more complex, and thus could be jammed by the quality of the money inserted by your customers.

Since 2008, CASHMAG has been marketing cash recyclers and above all, we make sure of preventive maintenance and care for all our customer’s devices. From the start, we have been very aware of maintenance quality, since it is our responsibility to solve the issues our customers may encounter, in a timely manner.

We first improved all our maintenance protocols in order to provide the most effective preventive service. Which allowed us to significantly decrease the amount of failures, because maintenance matters, but we still had to come up with solutions to inevitable failures.

We were able to do so when we decided to design our own line of cash recyclers, which was a game changer. Indeed, we were able to include highly effective failure tolerance solutions, which allow the device to keep operating without crashing when the failure occurs, avoiding full stop, making customer cashing still possible.

Note module jamming managed by CASHMAG

They usually occur in the recyclers, more specifically in the note-receiving part, which later returns the note. Without our technology, when jamming happens in the recycler, the note module gets completely jammed, which stops both the recycler and the register.

Thanks to our technology, if jamming occurs in a note recycler, the latter gets immediately disconnected and quarantined. In other words, your cash recycler can keep receiving all notes, the software adjusts the change back system according to the remaining available alternatives in coins and notes. Experience shows that 5 € notes (the most worn out) are involved in most cases of jamming. It is therefore suggested to have your device programmed to not recycle 5 € notes.

Coin module jamming managed by CASHMAG

Like the note module, the coin module recycles the coin intake to prepare next cash backs. This operation is performed into a hopper. This device may also get jammed by a damaged coin or some foreign object introduced by chance.

Without our technology, this completely jams the module, and therefore the register.

Thanks to our technology, we quarantine the jammed hopper and cash back is performed with other coin denominations. For instance, if the 20 cent hopper gets jammed, the recycler will automatically perform cash back using 10 cent coins. This may seem simple, and yet it didn’t exist before our developments.

Total failure

The cash recycler may suffer total failure on its coin or note module (mother board, power supply, etc…), requiring technical support and not being able to operate in fail soft mode. In the event of this extreme possibility, the cash recycler is completely stopped, forcing you to switch to manual mode with an emergency cash fund.

Soon, thanks to our technology, we will soon provide a program that enables the simulation of the jammed module , thus allowing the module to operate without a glitch. For instance, if the note module breaks down, the coin module remains fully operational, as it would be a shame to not use the available coin stock, as well as its processing and cash back speed. The impediment is thus limited and more importantly, cashing control keeps the same standard of quality.

We have imagined all these solutions and developed them because we stand by our customers whenever a failure occurs. Our difference comes from our experience and the trust customers keep in us to find the best solutions.


  • Secure rear access
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares
cash recyclers CASHMAG 5R


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cash recycler CASHMAG 1F


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Cash recycler CASHMAG HYBRID

CASHMAG automatic Desktop recycler


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  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
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