Bakery automatic cash recycler

Bakery automatic cash recycler

Bakers’ automatic cash register

A range of automatic registers in Euros that adapt to your job

The CashMag 5R4 cash recycler was already in place when I arrived in February 2019, and I see many perks in using this system. At first, we had some minor setting issues, but technical support was very responsive and competent. As far as I’m concerned, the main asset is the absence of change-back or counting mistakes. We hire many apprentices at « La Relève » so we can pass on our know-how and help the next generation, and the 5R4 is indeed a big help. Our staff has peace of mind during transactions, as they don’t have to handle cash, and the company has impeccable cash management.

As a manager, I’m in charge of offloading the machine and collecting cash. The other major asset is the rear access system which makes you feel safer when manipulating, even if performed late and without customers around. Jean-Baptiste BLANC – La Relève par Matyasy à Carqueiranne
safer and faster rear access

CASHMAG 5R cash recycler: a safer and faster rear access

Strongly embedded into your counter and to the floor, our 5R cash recycler allows you to perform all operations from behind your counter for more safety and also without moving around it all the time.

If you need to collect or add cash to the device, the sliding modules located at the rear allow you to perform such operations in full discretion. Your staff is safe and so is your cash!

A fully integrated cash recycler

Our automatic Cashmag 5R cash recycler solution can directly fit into your sales area, without compromising its original aspect.

With or without customized casing, or automatic cashing solutions for bakeries perfectly adapt to your profession. Fanless, the Cashmag automatic 5R recycler is as visually discreet as it is quiet.

A better hygiene

With Cashmag’s various automatic registers, your staff no longer handles cash, customers insert themselves the required amount into the device. A substantial time saver for your employees who can now focus on customer satisfaction, while avoiding cashing mistakes and shrinkage.

I was equipped with a 4C and I’m very happy with the new CASHMAG 5R model. The 5R is faster and more reliable. In terms of autonomy and depending on foot traffic, I can last several months, which makes life much easier on ad daily basis. Operations are simple and the device doesn’t require much maintenance. Working in a bakery, I need to blow it about once a week, but it’s part of our job ! Grégoire FOUQUET – MOULIN DE PAIOU à AIX en Provence


  • THE compact cash recycler, both reliable & fast.
  • Designed in two separate modules
  • Compatible all available softwares
cash recycler CASHMAG 1F


  • Installation without any modification
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares
Cash recycler CASHMAG HYBRID


  • Secure rear access
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares
cash recyclers CASHMAG 5R


The universal interface for automatic cash recyclers

CASHMAG CONNECT matches your cashing software with CASHMAG’s cash recyclers without any change to your computer system. This innovative concept enables interfacing with your existing equipment, without delay or development.

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