Ticketing service secured cash register

Ticketing service secured cash register

Museum and exhibition automatic cash register

A line of cash recyclers in Euros, adapted to ticketing businesses

Cannes unfolds red carpet for the 5R

With large cash flow, coin and note cashing was highly time-consuming for the staff of Cannes’ Palais des Festivals. Manipulating such cash lead to significant counting mistakes, which made management think about better cash management and eventually launch a nationwide call for offers to reorganize their cashing system.

CASHMAG won that call for offers for cash recyclers among all competitors. With world-class reputation, the Palais had set technical requirements and obligations which CASHMAG happened to be one the very few to meet. Management thus chose go with CashMag 5R cash recyclers including the counter module option. It perfectly blends into the modern design of Cannes’ Palais des Festivals.

A festival of innovations

This historic landmark channels a significant flow of customers, that’s why security must be optimal at all times. Thanks to CashMag 5R devices, transactions are only performed on the customer’s side and staff no longer touch coins and notes, thus guaranteeing their integrity and safety within the palace during rush hours. The cash recycler also has several security points equipped with locks.

Thanks to the smart change-back system, the Cashmag 5R automatic cash recycler guarantees a unique autonomy, with large storage capacity, offering you a reliable and sturdy solution. It is one of the only POS automatic cash recyclers to offer change-back on four different note denominations.

The 1F seduces Saint-Tropez’s museum of Gendarmerie

The city wanted a cash management solution for the museum dedicated to St-Tropez’s gendarmerie, which was institutionalized after the movie « Le Gendarmes de Saint-Tropez ».

A place full of history that brings in major turnout to the shop. Cash management became a significant constraint that slowed down activity at the point of sales. They thus chose the compactness of the 3D-printed CashMag cash recycler. The 1F helps on ticket cashing as well as other goodies and souvenirs from the shop.

With our cash recyclers, say goodbye to everyday hassle

All is automatic : no more cash fund nor counting. Our devices’ interface supports everything by itself. You only have to focus on your customers, obviously without any concern about shrinkage or counting mistakes anymore. Salespeople no longer touch cash and our change back is always accurate !


  • THE compact cash recycler, both reliable & fast.
  • Designed in two separate modules
  • Compatible all available softwares
cash recycler CASHMAG 1F


  • Installation without any modification
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares
Cash recycler CASHMAG HYBRID


  • Secure rear access
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares
cash recyclers CASHMAG 5R


The universal interface for automatic cash recyclers

CASHMAG CONNECT matches your cashing software with CASHMAG’s cash recyclers without any change to your computer system. This innovative concept enables interfacing with your existing equipment, without delay or development.

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