Monnayeur automatique CASHMAG Hybrid

CASHMAG Hybrid automatic cash recycler

Make cash management instantly easier

Installation without any installation

As cashing experts, we know our customers want performing products, easy to integrate to their stores.

This way, we develop adapted solutions for every need. With the CASHMAG Hybrid, you benefit from all the power of our automatic cash recyclers INSTANTLY. THE HYBRID is directly placed onto the counter without any hole or glue !

Developed to be universally compatible, its design takes counter measures into account. It is also equipped with a super secured mounting system that allows it to be firmly attached to your sales area and keep your furniture and marble intact in the event you would like to rearrange your store.

monnayeur CASHMAG hybrid boulangerie


Immediate power

Smart, CASHMAG Hybrid cash recycler is uncompromising about its power and both storage and recycling capacities. With a cash management up to 4000 coins and 520 notes, you can really focus on your customers. The unique smart change back system feature developed by CASHMAG also allows you to optimize this great storage capacity to last several weeks or even several months in some cases. Forget cash funds and tedious counting, and save time to focus on what matters.

Your sales area secured from the very first second

4 seconds! This is how long the HYBRID takes to complete a full transaction. From coin insertion to change back. A super fast turnover without a dent to security.

During these 4 seconds, the HYBRID cash recycler shall be able to:

  • Accept coins & notes
  • Check for counterfeit
  • Sort coins and notes into compartments secured with 3 security keys
  • Calculate change back taking the existing stock into account
  • Return a 100% accurate change back to a satisfied customer with speed and reliability

Your staff can now only focus on service and customers’ needs.

monnayeur CASHMAG hybrid

Hygiene guaranteed for you & your customers

Direct contact with cash channels bacteria and viruses. By removing the customer > salesman & salesman > customer transaction cycle, you avoid possible contamination with germs and guarantee the hygiene of your sales area.

cashmag connect

CASHMAG cash recyclers are compatible with most cashing softwares thanks to our universal interface. The software interface is connected between CASHMAG cash recyclers and any standard cashing system run on Windows™. It acts as a universal translator and allows instant connexion without any specific development required.

From the start, our cash recyclers were designed to manage the largest amount of currencies, this feature monitors and protects your cashing through counterfeit cash detection on both notes and coins.

Currencies compatible with our cash reclycler

Specifics of the Hybrid cash recycler

Security Front access
Steel chassis
1 lock with 3 tampering-resistant points
3 locks: 1 on the note module || 2 on the coin module
Control Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
Installation Fast and easy installation
Adjustable height and depth to adapt to your counter without any modification
Compatibility Compatible with all cashing softwares
Windows: instantly and without development
Android, Linux, iOS : Thanks to our API to integrate
(H) 950 x (L) 350 x (D) 625 mm
Weight 61 Kg
Note module 2 recyclable denominations (5 and 10€ or 10 and 20€)
2 x 60 notes
Note by note change back
400 note Cashbox
Coin module Storage and recycling capacity up to 4000 coins
50 coin transaction capacity in or out
10 coins/sec speed in and 6 coins/sec speed out
Option Stabilizer rack up to 1028 mm in max height.
1 additional lock on the cashbox



  • Secure rear access
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares
cash recyclers CASHMAG 5R


  • THE compact cash recycler, both reliable & fast.
  • Designed in two separate modules
  • Compatible all available softwares
cash recycler CASHMAG 1F

Get a personal demonstration at your doorstep !

Because your time is precious, we come to your doorstep to present you our line of CASHMAG cash recyclers. Experience the speed and reliability of our cash recyclers now, our mobile showroom will soon be visiting your area !

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