CASHMAG 5F automatic cash recycler

CASHMAG 5F automatic cash recycler

Cash Recycler who adapts to your shop!

Reliable, Fast and Secure

Monnayeur automatique CASHMAG 5F

Cash recycler 5F

A Cashier Assistant

The cash recycler, or cashier assistant, digitalizes coins and banknotes to help your employee in their daily tasks.

The automation manages all change operations of the shop without any human intervention. However, it does not replace your cashier and becomes his/her assistant.

More possibilities, more power

The CASHMAG 5F is built to adapt to all kinds of shops. Its font access and its dimensions (H)565 x (L)539 x (P)545 mm give you more possibilities of integration.

The 5F is very easy to set up in your sales area. Customer side or seller one, with or without integration, the only limit is your imagination ! The cashier assistant 5F are proposed with a booster to allow a better adaptation to the height of most counters or certain other materials and to your sell line.

A powerful tool

The cashier assistant 5F is reliable and amazingly fast ! Change takes only 4 seconds, it detects counterfeit banknotes and coins and has an automatic rejection of foreign objects. A very large stock capacity increases autonomy. The CASHMAG 5F accepts up to 780 banknotes and 4.000 coins.

The cash recycler embraces all of CASHMAG’s technologies like a smart change algorithm. The cashier assistant restitutes high stock currencies and keeps low stock currencies.

In the same time, it takes care to restitute a number of currencies acceptable to your client. The autonomy of your cashier assistant is increased and it gives you more time before emptying it or replenishing it.


The key factor of hygiene

The hygiene of your shop is now insured by cashier assistant 5F. Your employee doesn’t touch money. This is the only interface that keeps your seller and customers safe. The automation deletes hand to hand contact so your products are manipulated with respect to the hygiene rules.

cashmag connect

CASHMAG recyclers are compatible with most cashing softwares thanks to our universal interface. The software interface is places between CASHMAG cash recyclers and any standard cashing system run on Windows™. It acts as a universal translator and enables instant connection without any specific development.

Technical specifics


Currencies compatible with our cash reclycler

5F2 5F4
Security Front access
6 points tamper-resistant lock
16 fixing points
4 locks (2 banknote module / 2 coin module) 5 locks (3 banknote module / 2 coin module)
Control Detects fake banknotes and coins and foreign bodies
Installation Easy and quick installation
Can be shared between several register
Compatibility Compatible with all cashing softwares
Windows : Without development and immediately
Android, Linux, iOS : thanks to our API to integrate
5F2 : (H) 565 x (W) 480 x (D) 545 mm
Coin module : (H) 565 x (W) 338 x (D) 545 mm
Note module: (H) 565 x (W) 142 x (D) 260 mm
5F4 : (H) 565 x (W) 539 x (D) 545 mm
Coin module : (H) 565 x (W) 338 x (D) 545 mm
Note module : (H) 565 x (W) 200 x (D)545 mm
Weight Without support 47Kg
With support 72Kg
Without support 65Kg
With support 90Kg
Bank note module 2 recyclable amounts (€5 & €10 or €10 & €20)
2 x 60 banknotes
Banknotes dispensed individually
Cashbox for 400 banknotes
4 recyclable amounts (€5, 10, 20, 50)
2 x 60 banknotes and 2 x 30 banknotes
Dispenses 15 banknotes at a time
Cashbox for 600 banknotes
Coin module Storage and recycler capacity for 4000 coins
Up to 50 coins accepted or dispensed per transaction
Insert 10 coins per second, 6 coins per second dispensed
Origin French design and manufacture
Option Support
(W) 481 x (H) 254 x (D) 525 mm
(W) 539 x (H) 254 x (D) 527 mm

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