CASHMAG 1F compact cash recycler

Cash management in confidence

The compact, reliable & fast cash recycler

With the CASHMAG 1F compact cash recycler, benefit from a powerful tool for all your transactions and/or counting mistakes. Unknown markdowns, repeated cash funds, counting, cashing… As many elements that disrupt your business management, as well as its productivity and profitability. Thanks to the 1F cash recycler, you can focus on things that matter to you, your business and your customers !

Infinite possibilities of installation

Where most automatic cash recyclers require to adapt your work place, risking to alter the image of your sales area, the CASHMAG 1F cash recycler fits anywhere, with or without cabinet. Simply placed over your counter, mounted or directly fitted into your sales area. Its two-separate-module design allows infinite installation possibilities.

Intégration monnayeur CASHMAG 1F
Intégration monnayeur CASHMAG 1F

Optimal security

The CASHMAG 1F automatic cash recycler consists of a note module with two programmable recycling denominations and a high performing coin module.

The note module is made of a 2 centimeter-thick 3D-printed framework, several key-lock points and an AntiForcing system.

The coin module is equipped with two unique key locks.

Focus on your success

The CASHMAG 1F cash recycler combines all the knowledge gathered by CASHMAG over 50 years of cashing expertise. Our research and development team programs and integrates algorithms specifically designed to bring you more performance. The 1F automatic cash recycler can reach change back speed of less than 4 seconds per coin stack.

It also includes a failure management system that enables you to keep cashing in the event of minor failures, instead of jamming the whole cash register. An essential partner to streamline your cashing under any circumstance.

cashmag connect

CASHMAG cash recyclers are compatible with most cashing softwares thanks to our universal interface. The software interface is connected between CASHMAG cash recyclers and any standard cashing system run on Windows™. It acts as a universal translator and allows instant connexion without any specific development required.

Unloading your cash easily and fast

One of CASHMAG 1F compact cash recycler’s feature is its large cash recycling capacity, for both coins and notes. You can store up to 520 notes and 4000 coins. The automatic cash recycler’s unloading system is as fast as it is simple.

Délestage espèces monnayeur CASHMAG 1F

From the start, our cash recyclers were designed to manage the largest amount of currencies, this feature monitors and protects your cashing through counterfeit cash detection on both notes and coins.

Currencies compatible with our cash reclycler

Features of the 1F Cash Recycler

Security 4 locks ( 2 for bank note and coin module)
Lock equipped with tamper-resistant system on the bank note module
Control Detects fake banknotes and coins and foreign bodies
Installation Easy installation and integration to the sales line
Compatibility All POS softwares
Windows: Without development and immediately
Android, Linux, iOS: Thanks to our API to integrate
(H) 250 x (W) 300 x (D) 485 mm - Coin Module
(H) 550 x (W) 165 x (D) 275 mm - Bank Note Module
Weight 28 Kg
(13 Kg bank note module - 15 Kg coin module)
Bank Note Module 2 recyclable amounts (€5 & €10 or €10 & €20)
2 x 60 banknotes
Banknotes dispensed individually
Cashbox for 400 banknotes
Coin module Storage and recycler capacity for 4000 coins
Up to 50 coins accepted or dispensed per transaction
Insert 10 coins per second, 6 coins per second dispensed
Origin French design and manufacture
Options Counter - (H) 1023 x (W) 650 x (D) 700 mm
Customizable color of the chassis



  • Secure rear access
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares
cash recyclers CASHMAG 5R


  • Installation without any modification
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares
Cash recycler CASHMAG HYBRID

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