Cashing solutions manufacturer and distributor

  • A complete range of services

    Cashmag offers complete solutions, perfectly adapted to the needs of businesses, in terms of products, advice and services.
  • Choose high quality

    High performance, sustained reliability, wide compatibility with all equipments in your store, simplified installation and limited maintenance costs.
  • Nationwide coverage

    Our development strategy relies on the one hand, on both our internal and external growth, and by favoring partner aggregation on the other hand. This way, Cashmag runs a nationwide network that provides local support and services to the entirety of commerce professionals – The Cashmag network includes 10 members spread over the national territory.
  • An adapted service

    At Cashmag, our customers’ expectations are our main focus, that is why the quality of our products and services is critical.
    • On-site installation performed by a team of seasoned professionals
    • On-Site training of your employees
    • Customized maintenance and regular update of your cashing systems
    • Customer technical support for any request 6 days a week - at 0 800 277 663
    • Customer service adapted to the needs and specificities of commerce
    • Warranty and long-term warranty extension
  • Choose quality

    Implemented all around France and within a wide variety of businesses, Cashmag systems have already proved their worth through their many assets : our cashing solutions are designed in compliance with quality and reliability requirements, certified by regular quality control.
    • Member of Acedise
    • Certified by Banque de France
  • Consulting

    Every line of work has their specificities that we must take into account during installation. We conduct a study or our customers’ needs, depending on their activity and organization. We select the most relevant materials, in order to provide the most adapted solution to their expectations and specificities.
  • Training

    Implementing a new cashing system must be carried out in the best possible conditions. We provide full training for users, operators, managers,… to make this new set up a total success. Our training sessions can be entirely funded by a training organism.
  • Maintenance

    We offer « bespoke » contacts : our customers can determine a specific amount of preemptive consultations, training of new employees, provision of a technician, a contractual warrantee for response time in the event of total failure… Together, we make the contract that meets their needs : no more maintenance budget surprises, we anticipated everything!
  • Remote technical support

    From remote login, our technicians establish failure diagnosis, which can then be solved remotely, without any delay or repair lead-time. Some changes in system configuration can also be performed remotely.

As a member ACEDISE, the Cashmag network is well informed about the numerous and recent tax laws that impact tax obligations in any way.


  • Secure rear access
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares

The CASHMAG 5R is the cash recycler that offers rear access. This system saves you precious time. No need to go around your counter to operate it.

All cash operations happen behind your sales area. This way, your cash proceeds are to your eyes only.

cash recyclers CASHMAG 5R


  • THE compact cash recycler, both reliable & fast.
  • Designed in two separate modules
  • Compatible all available softwares
cash recycler CASHMAG 1F


  • Installation without any modification
  • Automatically rejects counterfeit notes and coins
  • Compatible with all available softwares
Cash recycler CASHMAG HYBRID