CASHMAG 5K automatic cash recycler

CASHMAG 5K automatic cash recycler

The Standalone cash recycler!

Autonomous, easyShare and innovative

Monnayeur de caisse automatique CASHMAG 5K

5K cash recycler

Plug and play security

Not enough space behind the counter. Limited sales area. Difficult layout. Some businesses may have some space issues. Thus, CASHMAG designed the 5K.

Thus, CASHMAG designed the 5K. With its vertical design, the CASHMAG 5K enables a quick and simple installation without any fitting work. The 5K can be placed anywhere you want ! As a true Standalone, you just need to plug the recycler to enjoy its full power and safety.

EasyShare feature, simplified sharing

With CASHMAG recyclers and therefore the 5K, you can share your device with several registers. This allows to cash in cash from any register in your business using only one recycler.

Moreover, the 5K was designed so the device remains visible, even during rush hour, to not lose customers.

Always more performance

In terms of performance, the CASHMAG 5K recycler features all manufacturer’s technology. A 4 second change back for coins and notes, a compatibility with all cashing systems run on Windows without development for a Plug and Play installation, counterfeit notes and coins screening and a large storage capacity. You can store up to 800 notes and 4000 coins.

In order to optimize this storage, we have developed a smart change back algorithm that allows you to regulate stocks and last several weeks without refill. Finally, all our recyclers are regularly updated to ensure the best performance for you business, and provide you with the latest innovations such as failure management and new algorithms.

Packed with technologies...

Made in France in our Toulon workshop, the 5K is the first device fully 3D printed worldwide ever. No less than 60 pounds of filament and 30 3D printers are required to shape the chassis of the 5K.

ouverture par badge RFID

Research and development teams at CASHMAG have taken a step further by chosing to integrate an RFID opening badge on the 5K payment device. This centralized opening allows to save time on opening the machine, as well as avoiding multiple keys for each cash recycler.

When the business has several devices, it is then possible to have 1 badge manager for several 5K recyclers! RFID technology also allows to reprogram badges when they get lost by your staff or stolen.

To emphasize security, the 5k is equipped with 4 key locks (2 for each module).

cashmag connect

CASHMAG recyclers are compatible with most cashing softwares thanks to our universal interface. The software interface is places between CASHMAG cash recyclers and any standard cashing system run on Windows™. It acts as a universal translator and enables instant connection without any specific development.

monnayeur cashmag 5k ouvert
monnayeur cashmag 5k profil

Technical specifics


K2 K4
Sécurité Secured access secured by RFID technology
2-point anti-tampering lock
4 points of ground fixation
3 locks (1 note module / 2 coin module) 4 locks (2 note module / 2 coin module)
Screening Automatic rejection of counterfeit notes and coins, as well as foreign bodies
Installation Quick installation without rearrangement thanks to its vertical design
Compatibility Compatible with all cashing softwares
Windows : without development and immediate
Android, Linux, iOS : thanks to our API to integrate
Dimensions (H) 1330 x (W) 388 x (D) 567 mm
Weight 60 kg 76 kg
Note module 2 recyclable values (5€ and 10€ or 10€ and 20€)
2 x 60 notes
Note by note return
400-note Cashbox
4 recyclable values (5€, 10€, 20€ and 50€)
2 x 60 notes and 2 x 30 notes
1-time return - 15-note wad
600-note Cashbox
Coin module 4000 coins storage and recycling capacity
50 coins capacity per transaction in or out
10 coins/sec. input speed and 6 coins/sec. output speed
Origin Designed and manufactured in France
Option Customizable color of the chassis