Secure cash proceeds

Automatic cash recyclers

  • Your staff is safe
  • Optimize cash management
  • Smart change back system
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Secure cash proceeds

A complete line of next generation automatic cash recyclers.

The Cashmag automatic cash recycler Cashmag stands out from other cash recyclers on the market through many innovations and exclusive technology. The whole CASHMAG range is French made and was developed to meet all the needs of local businesses and retail networks


Caisse automatique tous commerces

A lightning-fast cash recycler !

The Cashmag 5R automatic cash register is designed to be fully integrated to your sales area. Choose among a wide range of materials and colors. Preserve the visual identity of your store.


Your customers with a better hygiene (no more cash handling), your proceeds from cash-counting mistakes or cash lift and your employees from robbery risks.


Cash transactions as well as maintenance operations are performed at the rear of the device


Trips to the bank for coin supply thanks to CASHMAG’s cash recyclers’ smart change back system


The time spent counting and checking all proceeds and preparing every cash fund

Maximum security for your employees

With the CASHMAG 5R automatic cash recycler, all operations are performed at the rear of the modules.

Firmly embedded into your counter, the Cashmag 5R has 6 locking points with a tamper resistant system. All its features make the Cashmag 5R a highly reliable cash recycler, deterrent to all forms of vandalism.


Customer testimonials

Our cashing solutions make life easier for their users

Having several sales areas, we decided to install two 5R automatic cash recyclers in our bakery. This allowed us to save time on cashing and decrease customers’ waiting time during rush hour. Integration couldn't be easier and was particularly aesthetic as it didn't alter the image of our sales area. Our customers have been very satisfied with this new cashing system, and they immediately got used to it. Huge perk : you open the cash recycler modules from the rear, away from customers’ sight, keeping our staff safe !

témoignageEli Saveta Bakery l'Ilette in Antibes

We are very satisfied with its user-friendly aspect and the super fast change back system ! We had already opted for this type of automatic cashing equipment in our business… With Cashmag’s cash recycler: no more "robotic" change back, this new cash recycler completely fits into our sales area.

I would describe it in three words : user-friendliness, simplicity and speed, and I’ll add a special word for tech support’s professionalism when they installed and commissioned it.

témoignageGrégoire FouquetMoulin de Païou – Aix en Provence

Before, our staff had to remove their gloves for each cash transaction. now that cashing is automatic, we save time and it's cleaner !

Two other perks among many: no more counting mistakes and a much safer work place.

témoignageMme HacheLa Halle – Fishmonger's - Dunkerque

We were looking for an automatic cash recycler for our pharmacy and we chose Cashmag's 5R. It directly fits into our sales area and doesn't change the look of our dispensary. One of its advantages that caught our attention is the possibility to access the modules from the rear, which allows our staff to be safe.

témoignageHenri LorhoPharmacie centrale


The universal interface for automatic cash recyclers

CASHMAG CONNECT matches your cashing software with CASHMAG’s cash recyclers without any change to your computer system. This innovative concept enables interfacing with your existing equipment, without delay or development.

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